The Stone Memorial
The stone memorial and associated plaque is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Dan Air and Chinook disasters. It was constructed by local stone masons and plaques installed on the central plinth.
The Benches
The two benches and associated plaques are dedicated to the loss of lives during the Brent Spar and Cormorant Alpha helicopter disasters.
Copyright Sumburgh Airport Memorial Commitee 2016
The memorial area is positioned to the east of the main terminal building at Sumburgh Airport. The area is shown in red in the photograph above and is accessible from the car park beside the eastern shoreline. The site consists of a horseshoe-shaped stone section, two hardwood benches and an entrance information board.
The Memorial
Memorial Donations
Entrance Information Board
An information board is placed at the entrance to the site to inform visitors on the purpose and details for the site. A copy of the board can be see by clicking here.
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Vertical Plinth
The vertical plinth has been erected in memory of the 2013 AS333L2 incident on approach to Sumburgh airport, the stone was collected from the beach adjacent to the accident site.