Copyright Sumburgh Airport Memorial Commitee 2016
Below is a small selection of the photographs taken of the project to date, please double click on photograph for enlargements.
Feb 2013 Nigel Flaws
Committee Chairman
cuts turf on site.
sumburgh_airport_wp004027.jpg sumburgh_airport_wp004026.jpg
Feb 2013 Hardcore for site delivered.
Feb 2013 Hardcore shaped and levelled.
sumburgh_airport_wp004025.jpg sumburgh_airport_wp004024.jpg sumburgh_airport_wp004023.jpg sumburgh_airport_wp004022.jpg sumburgh_airport_wp004021.jpg
Tom Jameison & Jim Irvine looking for suitable stones.
Tom Jamieson, Neil Work and Donnie Morrison with stones on the move.
First of the large stones is set in place.
Stone Masons Donnie Morrison, Tom Jamieson and Neil Work on site.
Jim Irvine, Tom Jamieson, Donnie Morrison, and Neil Work with stones on the move.
sumburgh_airport_wp004020.jpg sumburgh_airport_wp004019.jpg
Surrounding horseshoe shaped wall under construction.
Surrounding horseshoe shaped wall under construction.
sumburgh_airport_wp004018.jpg sumburgh_airport_wp004017.jpg sumburgh_airport_wp004016.jpg
Outer wall well underway.
Coping stones 3/4 way around.
Flagstone floor being laid.
sumburgh_airport_wp004015.jpg sumburgh_airport_wp004014.jpg sumburgh_airport_wp004013.jpg
Flagstone floor being laid.
Flagstone floor being laid.
A lighter moment in the build.
Positioning of memorial and benches.
The site nearing completion.
The masons with their fine work.
Memorial Donations
The Memorial
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The Brent Spar memorial bench.
The central Dan Air and Chinook memorial.
The Cormorant Alpha memorial bench.
Relatives at the opening ceremony.
The committee and constructors.
The site opening ceremony participants. All ceremony images Millgaet Media.
Relatives at the opening ceremony.
Relatives at the opening ceremony.
A relative at the opening ceremony.